After the book sale is over

My most recent library book sale is over, in a sense; the money has been counted (about 900) and I am very tired of books. But I still have 2000 books left over, most of which I do not want to burden the Salvation Army with. Sometimes at night I sneak off into the woods and bury old hardcovers--it is a strange little graveyard of old encyclopedias (with volumes missing) and ex- library books that maybe have some interest to someone, but the someone and the book were fated never to meet. Today they are being offered free to as many of the general public as I could reach through craig's list and freecycle...tonight I must clear them away to make room for the animal shelter committee meeting.

However. A considerable part of the money we make gets spent on books, so I have the pleasure of making a new list of books to buy, based primarily on what I'm reading about on other blogs, to run past our children's librarian. Today I added Reaching for Sun, recently reviewed by Mother Reader.

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