The Cybils--YA Books, plus Holiday Mugs

The final list of books nominated for the YA Cybils Award is up at Interactive Reader, the home of our fearless leader, Jackie. We will be agreeing (one hopes) on our picks for the short list at the end of December. Jackie has assured us folks on the nominating committee that we do not have to read every book. I dunno--it would only be 2 1/2 a day...

However. It is also Holiday Mug making time here in our little corner of Rhode Island, when, in a fit of total insanity, the boys and I fill the dining room with baskets of treats, ornaments, and sundries, and fill mugs ($5 each, for the library). It is their chance to Help the Community, I tell myself, as the chaos mounts. Fortunately, neither of them are candy eaters, which just leaves me. Sigh. So every morning I am faced with difficult decisions--try to organize things, or read YA books. Things remain unorganized.

And please, please, this year let someone buy the mug that plays jingle bells whenever one walks by it...I don't think I can stand having it on the kitchen shelf another year.

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