Sunday garden stroll on Monday

Bad, bad home computer has decided it hates my blog, which is one reason why I have been quiet lately.

So a day late, here are the pictures I took for Cloudscome's Sunday Garden Stroll. Incidentally, I hate July and August as gardening months. Sure, there are some pretty things blooming, like this crocosmia, but as always, it is too dry, I haven't mulched enough, planted enough, weeded enough, etc. I guess I just like to leave myself plenty of room for improvement, so I have something to daydream about next year.

What we do have a lot of is zucchinis, even though there are only three plants. I would like to sell them at the library for 25 cents each, but my husband says that this would be both weird and possibly against the law. But 64 zucchinis sold, and I could buy a book. We are getting four a day, so it would only take two and a half weeks....


  1. You are right, July and August are the hardest gardening months for me too. I always have some disappointments and start to think NEXT year I'll do it different...

    The zucchinis are lovely though! Last summer I learned how to make zucchini bread from a carrot cake recipe. It's really yummy.

  2. I love zucchini bread! I am jealous. My vegetables are not doing well at all this year. June was too wet. I have lots of zucchini blossoms, but I am not sure the plant is strong enough to support them. We'll see!

    I think it is perfectly legal to sell the zucchini at the library. Great way to earn book money!

  3. I asked at the library, and they did not embrace my zuccs for books idea...sigh.

    alotalot--I'll swap my squashes for your wet June any day!

  4. When I was a little girl, we once saw a sign by the road that said, "Free Kittens and Zucchini." I've always associated the two with fecundity.


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