2 Robie Harris books to give away...

And the winners are Laura and Shelburns!

The folks at Little Brown sent me two books by Robie H. Harris to give away. One is Mail Harry to the Moon, which I love --my review is here.

The other is The Day Leo Said I Hate You, written by Robie H. Harris and illustrated by Mollie Bang, which is good also, but not quite as gripping, mainly because its MESSAGE dominates the book. Leo is having a tricky kind of day--all he's heard from his mother is no, no, No! And things get worse and worse until he says those mean, mean words to his Mama-- "I hate you!" Gah! he thinks, as soon as the words are out of his mouth (at least, Harris doesn't have him say "gah", but that's what he looks like he's thinking) ---and he is sorry sorry sorry.... Mama then models an idealized parenting strategy in her measured, instructive response, and all is well.

So, I'm giving these two away, separately so as to spread the wealth. Leave me a comment by 11:59 pm Thursday October 23rd, and I'll announce the winners Friday!


  1. I'm interested in Mail Harry to the Moon, which I wasn't until I read your review.

    I agree that the message is a bit too present in The Day Leo Said I Hate You!, but I still think it works.

  2. My little brother is very interested in these books. He barely reads anything but when he saw this contest, he asked me to sign up. So please enter me!


  3. I'm a fourth grade teacher with three little girls at home. Harry's brother sounds a lot like my middle child (of course). And while there are days she'd like to send either to the moon/grave/trash/hospital/anywhere but here, when it comes down to it, her heart is big... and truly, what child has not spoken/thought those harsh three words only to painfully regret it later. Both sound like great reads at home, and tie-ins with writing (Voice) in the classroom! Can't wait to see who wins! THanks for this ever useful blog.

  4. These look delightful. And who hasn't wanted to mail baby siblings to the moon?

  5. I would love either one of these books. They look and sound cute!


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