Today's science fiction/fantasy release for kids and teens

I have been having a rather pleasant time browsing the release date calender at Teens Read Too, and thought it would be fun to share the science fiction and fantasy books being released today! Mostly I haven't read them, so the descriptions are gleaned rather than guaranteed. If time permits, I'd like to do this on a regular basis...so I've penciled in more to come tomorrow.

The Amulet of Amun Ra by Leslie Carmichael. Time travel to ancient Egypt for middle grade readers.
The Battle for Duncragglin by Andrew H. Vanderwal. Time travel to 13th century Scotland.
Bloodhound (The Legend of Beka Cooper, Book 2) by Tamora Pierce. Sequel to Terrier.
Discordia: The Eleventh Dimension by Dena K. Salmon. An online fantasy game becomes real.
Fortune's Folly by Deva Fagan. A very charming quest to fulfill a made up prophecy, my review.
Sebastian Darke: Prince of Pirates by Philip Caveney. Pirates and magic.
The Softwire: Wormhole Pirates on Orbis 3 by PJ Haarsma. Third in an action packed space adventure series.

I'm pleased to see there are two timeslip books in this lot, that being one of my favorite sub-genres (and later this evening I will I hope be publishing today's Timeslip Tuesday entry...but who knows. We are all sick).

Edited to add: Here's another--The Dragon of Trelian, by Michelle Knudson.


  1. Hi Charlotte!

    While I Am Still A Bunny didn't quite make the final cut for the Unneccessary Sequels contest, I couldn't help myself from making a cover for it! Here's the link, I hope you enjoy!


  2. Oh, Charlotte - what a haul! I'll have to dig around on this site myself. Hope you're feeling better -- with that cover, you can't help it. Hah!


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