Win a copy of Luke on the Loose, my favorite TOON book!

A while ago, I wrote the following review of one of this year's TOON books (easy readers in hardcover comic book format).

"Luke On The Loose, by Harry Bliss, is a wild and wacky pigeon chase through the streets of New York. In Central Park one day, young Luke's father strikes up a boring conversation with another adult. A flock of pigeons catches Luke's eye, and with a blood curdling YAAH! he sends them flying. Off he goes in pursuit-YAAH! YAAH! flap flap flap through Manhattan and into Brooklyn, leaving a trail of feathers and startled byststanders. His father and the police and the firefighters set off to the rescue...Fun!"

I love this book (YAAH! YAAH!). So do my kids. It has a great, fast moving plot, it's an Easy Reader that's easy to read, and it's funny.

And TOON Books has given me a copy to give away! Just leave a comment, making sure there's a way back to you) by May 21st (a week from today).

Some of the recent contests I've seen have asked that participants make videos of baking disasters, write their own short stories, or hunt through all the local bookstores with camera in hand, looking for a particular book that isn't released yet (and wouldn't the bookstore think you were some sort of spy for their enemies?). I just ask for comments. However, anyone who promises to send me an ARC of Fire, by K. Cashore, will get 1,000 extra entries (just kidding. But I do wish I had one).



  1. OMG, I know, I so so so so so so so so so so want Fire. *sigh*

    Heartfelt thanks for not making us bake & destroy cakes, etc.

  2. Yay, Luke! We love the toon books, and would love to get a personal copy of this one! (The others have all gone into the collection at school...darn kids!)

  3. I would dearly love a copy for my own pigeon chasing boy, who once arrived at a playground, scanned the field for the birds, and announced "It's a Bad Day for pigeons!" before leaping into the fray.

  4. Well dang, if I hadn't released my copy of Fire into the frenzied clutches of our YA Services staff, I'd send it to you in the next post! If it ever makes its way back to me (tattered and stained), I'll get it to you, I promise. But it doesn't seem likely - we've got about 70 YA librarians at LAPL.

  5. Thanks anyway, Eva. I hope that the 70 of them appreciate it!


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