48 Hour Book Challenge Eve

At 7am tomorrow morning, I'm going to start reading. It is THE 48 HOUR READING CHALLENGE!!!!

I have a pile of 46 (forty six) books assembled, books I really want to read. I meant to put a picture up tomorrow morning, but typically I left the camera card at work. Sigh. So I'll have a picture up on Monday.

Obviously, it will make my life better once I have read these 46 books, and I can either put them away (not that there's shelf space), or take them to the library (donations and returns). But there are also the Prizes, not least of which is an ARC of Catching Fire....

Tomorrow, part of my reading time will be some work related books (I worked extra hard on the paperwork part of my job today, so that there is nothing to speak of on my desk that needs tending to). And then, reading till late Friday night, getting up early on Saturday, and reading as far as I can keep my eyes open till 7am on Sunday....tra la la.

But this year, unlike years past, the number of pages is irrelevant. So I shall be enjoying. I hope.

And I will be blogging periodically (this is countable for total time), and my 8 year old will be posting periodically for me on Saturday, so do come cheer me on!


  1. I really like the number of pages being irrelevant thing for this year. Kind of frees a person up to read longer and more dense books. Though I don't want to go too far with that, because it would be sad to get too bogged down in one long book, and fall asleep or something. Anyway, I'm all set, too.

  2. I'll cheer you on! New development. Colleen donated a second copy of CF, so there will be one for the winner AND one given out at random. Two chance to win.

    Last year, while Biblio File read for over 40 hours, the next closest was around 30 hours. Just to give you an idea if you go for the gold.

  3. I'm all set too, although my pile isn't as tall as yours-it could be though. I'm actually working all weekend as well as reading, but I've got it worked out to were I can read one audiobook while at work and I can try to read an e-book while I'm at work so I can do double duty while working and reading!:) I'll cheer you on!

  4. I'm starting tomorrow morning too... can't wait!! My pile only has 7 books in it, as I'm hoping to finish them all and feel like I really got somewhere. I think I can do a whole lot more that that, but might as well set the goal low and then really beat it. :)

    Good luck!!

  5. Good luck - I'm joining in too later tonight. I have other things going on over the weekend, but I am looking forward to getting in as much reading/blogging time as I can.


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