Neil Gaiman's bookshelves, in glorious technicolor

Shelfari has an article up about Neil Gaiman's bookshelves, copiously illustrated, so one can browse around and see the titles...

What I especially liked, though, was this chair. It just goes to show that you can never have too many shelves.

I think we might have that many books, but they are distributed through 11 rooms at home, with lots more at work...maybe we have more. (Not that I am competitive. I don't care if I have more books than Neil Gaiman. I don't. Really. But maybe I should go buy more books now, just in case...).


  1. I could get lost in that library and never come out! Holy smoke! I've been complaining that we need to weed our collection because books are everywhere. I now see how wrong I am.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Mind you, that is just his basement library; there are many more books spread throughout the rest of the house, as well as more shelves in the basement not pictured.

  3. Oh well. He probably wins. But does he have books underneath every bed????

  4. GAHH! My library is probably only at most 5% of his in size. And have you got books hidden under your beds Charlotte? Watch out for those yucky silverfish!


  5. Yep, I have books under my beds. Things that I know I'll want to read again, but just don't have shelves for....they are in plastic zipped blanket bag thingies, which I hope is enough to keep them fresh!

  6. I never worry about how many books I have or don't have; I worry that they're just sitting there, and I'm not reading them, and someone else could be reading them, and then I start collecting them in boxes to give away.

    And then I take a few out. And sit down, and re-read them whilst deciding if I should give them away...

    People here look gobsmacked when they see how many books we have, that we dragged overseas. They should see the boxes we sold and gave away.

    I don't like to have so many THINGS, but books... keep sticking to me. I give away two-hundred and fifty, and get fifteen more somehow the next day...

  7. I've been using the chairs in my six room house for quite a while now.

    But I don't have a chair nearly as nice as that one.

  8. I'm a re-reader, and many of my books are things I can't easily replace, or get from the library--like my English children's books...so they keep building up...


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