My Own Just Before Christmas Read-the-Books-I-Got-Last-Christmas Mini Challenge, plus my Wants List for this year!

Many of us get lots of books for Christmas. Books we have asked for, books we have been longing to read, books that we are thrilled to receive.

But then some of us end up with a sad little pile of books we got as presents that we know we want to read, and know we are going to enjoy, and which we are saving for that perfect moment...

I have three of these books, and I am going to read them before Christmas, perfect moment be danged.

I know that I have obligations. There are books that I got from publishers that I need to finish reading (waves apologetically to publishers). There are 24 books still to be read for the Cybils (waves cheerfully to fellow panelists). I have to tend my children off and on (does nothing that might attract the attention of children), go to work, etc.

But. In the next ten ten days, I am going to read: Ballet on Tour, by Nada Curcija-Prodanovic, The Bell at Sealy Head, by Patricia McKillip, and A Wind in Cairo, by Judith Tarr (I had a copy of this ages ago, read the first few chapters, and lost it....I wonder if I will like it!).

Because this Christmas, I am pretty sure I am getting more books. Here is the wants list I shared with my family (which is not the same as my "books I want to read list," in that these are ones I can't get from the library or am pretty sure I want to have forever).

New to list:

The Indra books by Sherwood Smith
Twelve, Jasper Bull (UK)
Hardcover of Chalice, by Robin Mckinley
Holiday Summer Decie Merwin
Margaret Mayhew's The Little Ship
Fire Kristin Cashore
Fire by Robin Mckinley and Peter Dickinson
The Golden Shore by Elinor Lyon
Robina Beckles-Wilson A Time To Dance
A Wind is Blowing, by Monica Edwards

On list last year:

Katherine of Feather Ghyll Anne Bradley
Margo Benary-Isbert The Wicked Enchantment
Monica Redlich Jam Tomorrow
Philip Turner Dunkirk Summer
William Mayne Words and Music,
Noel Streatfeild The Children on the Top Floor, The Bell Family.
Stevenson, D.E. Spring Magic, Four Windows, hardcover of The Four Graces, hardcover of The Tall Stranger
Saville, Malcom All Summer Through, Christmas at Nettlefield, Ewing,
Juliana Mary’s Meadow and Other Tales of Fields and Flowers
Jean Estroail Drina Ballerina
Cartell, Esme Rescue at Ravendell

Anyone who wants to join me in this particular challenge is more than welcome to!


  1. I have got very similar problem with books from Christmas and also from other important days like birthday. In general I think that book is very good Christmas present. That's why I like giving books as presents to my family and I also like getting books as presents. But despite the fact that I love reading there are always some books that are on my must read list from previous year. So I think that the best solution would be to make kind of must read list before Christmas as well.


  2. You'll adore the Inda series ^^. AND a Wind in Cairo - did you get the new self-published edition? With the original short story that inspired the novel? I've got the original paperback still, but I bought the eversion for rereading.

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