Macmillan books are back on Amazon, wait, no they're not...what are they doing?

The struggle between Amazon and Macmillan continues. I checked my chosen Macmillan book (The Runaway Dragon) on Amazon at 7:05 ish this morning, and all looked to be as it was before, with a buy button and everything...but I just checked it again (8:35 am), and the buy button is no longer there! WHAT?????

And author John Scalzi reports that although he had a buy button for a while on Old Man's War, when clicked on, it offered used copies of the books. And there's no buy button there at his book at all now--I just checked.

Powells is looking better and better.


  1. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Love the Scalzi quote...

  2. Hey, I'm just dropping by to say 'Thanks for commenting on my blog'!
    Great post:]

  3. It's just after 10 pm, I just checked a Macmillan title at Amazon, still not up.

    Off to write my post.

  4. I prefer Powells to Amazon, anyway, for my book-buying needs--in spite of actually having to pay shipping to do so (they no longer offer free shipping to Canada). I once called to order books from Powells (I was having some internet connectivity issues) and the Powells employee and I had some wonderful chats about some of the books/authors I was ordering. I think I even had her add a couple of books that she recommended.


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