"Ged from the Wizard of Earthsea is currently kicking the stuffing out of Edward from Twilight"

The quote that titles this post is lifted from Pat Rothfuss' blog, where I was just reading about the Suvudo Cage Match, which is pitting different fantasy heroes against each other. Each fight has an amusing scenario from the organizers, and each hero's special attacks, advantages, disadvantages, etc. are broken down in detail. But ultimately, the winners are determined by votes from readers like us.

Despite their mad swarming skillz, the Wee Free Men are currently being dispatched handily by Aragorn. And as for poor Lyra...

(I'd have picked a slightly different bunch of characters, myself...it's a bit boy heavy, yet despite that, my own boy Eugenides isn't there...sigh).


  1. Clearly, Gen is lurking in the shadows so when a character thinks they've emerged victorious, he can pop out and say, "Ha ha!" and then beat them. Actually, that would be awesome. I wish it could actually happen.

  2. Oh, dear. Got to go raise the roof for my blue brothers. Or cousins. Or something.

    This is so wrong, on any number of levels, but so much fun. And Lyra... well, that was never going to go well, was it?

  3. Nancy!!!
    I'm pretty much going to run around saying that for the next week...

  4. I'm getting a "not found" when I try to go to the blog :(

  5. Hooray! Leaped to read this post as soon as I saw the title. Ged above Edward, any time. But Eugenides - this is the hero from 'The Thief', right? I absolutely adore those books and cannot wait for the new title coming out soon.

  6. Thanks for letting me know, Bookwyrme-the link is fixed!

    And yes, Katherine, that's Gen! Made of awesome, I say...

  7. Yup, link works now!

    And Gen is *way* too smart to get involved in a cage fight.


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