The books he got for his 10th birthday

My oldest turned ten today--Happy Birthday, Pickled Bananas!

Here are the books he got today:

The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick
The Periodic Table--Elements with Style, and Biology--Life as We Know It! by Simon Basher.
The Basilisk's Lair, by R.L. LaFevers
Tintin and Snowy, Vol. 1 by Guy Harvey and Simon Beecroft

A fine selection of books for the sort of reluctant/kind of picky boy reader, if I say so myself. But he hasn't cracked open any of them yet, let alone posted about them on his blog.

Because he also got a wii.


  1. Happy birthday to him! And what a lovely selection of books, too. Not to mention the Wii. Ah well, mor reading time for you!

  2. Happy Birthday to him! :) It's so funny that he hasn't cracked open any of his books because he got a Wii. I'd probably do the same if I was in his shoes.

  3. Hahahahah!
    Yeah. Well. So much for summer reading, Mama.

  4. Not surprising. My daughter would pick the Wii over books too. So would most kids sadly. To be sure my daughter reads, most days she has to read for 30 minutes.


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