The stress of summer reading is now behind us

My boys went back to school today--2nd and 5th grades. And in the car, three minutes before we arrived at the gates, my oldest finished the last page of his summer reading (Fighting Ground, by Avi). "I don't like to read when I have to," he has said repeatedly for the past month, eschewing above-referenced book in favor, primarily, of a massive Asterix re-read. My younger boy finished his summer reading in a more timely fashion (ha ha) last night, when he read all three required books in 20 minutes. He had resisted because they were picture books, and "too babyish...." And truly, what child is there who can read chapter books who really wants to curl up with Rainbow Fish??? Not me.

But, on the other hand, older son decided he wanted two picture books for himself when we were at the library yesterday, getting younger son's books out --he pounced on Henry's Freedom Box and Precious and the Boo Hag, which made me happy.

Although one of his classmates was walking into school with his nose in the first of the Ranger's Apprentice series, and I couldn't help but wish that my boy was doing the same. It is so stressful, this raising a reader business. And if I, with so many resources at my disposal and so many books on hand, find it difficult, I can only imagine how hard it must be for others who aren't as fortunate (which is why I work my tail off for my local library).


  1. Congratulations to your boys (you, too!) on finishing their summer reading and starting a new school year. Love the massive Asterix re-read, and can't blame either of them for resisting a summer reading assignment which doesn't sound like a good fit.

    My own rising fifth-grader (he doesn't go back to school for another two weeks! which explains my silence on the blog front, I suppose) loves Ranger's Apprentice, but it was only this summer that he showed any interest in reading Harry Potter, leading me to wonder what was wrong with him?

  2. It's amazing, how much more we read, now that we don't have TV. :)

    Hello to the boys!


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