I'm interviewed at Children's Books and Reviews!

Aaron at Children's Books and Reviews has honored me with an interview, which is now up and running! Find out which was the first blog post I ever read! See a picture of me, aged 18, on my first dig! And much more.

And if you are coming here for the first time from that interview, welcome!


  1. Oh Charlotte! I wish we lived near each other so we could stand on the playground together actually talking about books! I have the exact same feeling when I'm out talking to real people. I sometimes think, gee, all these people who are parents, wouldn't they want to talk on and on about books their kids might want to read, too? But they don't really....

    Exact same answer to "why children's and not adults'?" too. I really wish you lived near me!

  2. Wow, I didn't realize the photo was of you on your first dig! Even better... Thanks again for giving me the interview. It was fun.

  3. My comment is pretty much just going to echo rockinlibrarian's.

    I was just telling my husband the other day that the best thing about book blogging has been "finding my people". You would think parents would want to discuss books their children might want to read.

    And I too read children's books for the same reason you do.

  4. R.L. and Brandy -- this is why Kidlitcon is so great! Do try to come one year, because it is so soothing for the mind to be around likeminded adults!

    and thanks again, Aaron!

  5. I really enjoyed your interview. I agree with everyone else that is so cool to find other adults who share my love in middle grade and fantasy books.

    I'm so impressed with how many books you've read for the Cybils.

  6. I loved this interview, Charlotte. Only just now had a chance to read it thoroughly. With pretty much everything you write, I find myself nodding in understanding the whole time I'm reading. Same with this piece.

    I'd like to use a quote from the piece -- the part about cheese sandwiches -- on my blog, if it's okay with you, and include a link back to you. Let me know if that's all right. Thanks.


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