Greetings from New York

Of course I meant to have reviews scheduled for the days I was at BEA, but although I successfully did almost everything on my pre-BEA task list (see the bottom of this post) this didn't happen. Oh well.

What did happen is that I went to the Book Blogger Convention at BEA. I count it a success, because I chatted to almost all of the people on my list of people to see that would be there: Sheila, and Angie, and Cecelia, and Cat, and Maggie, and Janicu, and said hi to a few more people I hope to see more of later, and hope to see more today.

Viz the conference: I think that blogger conferences are almost at the point when they need to break it up by experience--to have a track for people new to blogging, and a track for those of use who no longer need to hear "You don't have to review every book you get." So although it was not unenjoyable, I didn't actually learn much.

That being said, I would have been happy to listen to the lawyer talking about libel for longer. He involved us in his presentation--we got to vote on what we considered potentially actionable language from real book reviews. Basically, don't say things that aren't true as if they were statements of fact. Fine: It appears as though this author has not completed elementary school. Not fine: The author is a fascist (if there is no factual evidence the author is). Since I rarely make bold, declarative statements, I think I am safe. But it is good to know that there is an organization called Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, who might be able to help if I did get a threatening letter....

Then I went to an event at Scholastic, in which eight great writers with books coming out late summer/fall performed extracts from their books in ensembles of four. All did a great job, but perhaps most memorable was James Dashner, channeling Downton Abbey in his role as Maggie Stiefvater's malevolent aunt, in a scene from Sharon Cameron's The Dark Unwinding... Thank you, Scolastic and the authors involved, for a great evening!

And today, the exhibit floor and another wild evening of publisher fun...


  1. Thanks, I feel a little less jealous! The blogging part of BEA looked really interesting, but I can see how it could have been a bit of a let down. Still, the Scholastic event sounds fun! Deep breaths! Enjoy! And get reading for the 48 Hour Reading Challenge!

    1. Do do do try to come to NY in Sept for kidlitcon....

  2. I saw Angie's tweet saying that she was sitting in a table with you, Holly and Janice. I would have loved to be there! Sigh, maybe someday. That Scholastic event sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. I was so happy to get to meet you in person (although briefly)! I actually left after lunch for the Blogger Con, I just didn't feel like I was learning anything I didn't already know. I'm an Old Person Blogger, been doing it since 2003, so it just didn't seem all that fresh and "hey, this is new and exciting" to me. :(

    Did you go to the MG Buzz panel on, um, Wednesday? I am so excited about all the new MG coming out and ended up getting ARCS of three - The Peculiar, Malcolm at Midnight and Starry River of the Sky.

    1. yeah, I hear you on book blogger con!

      Those are three I actually didn't get! I hope you enjoy them.


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