Giveaway deadlines extended thanks to Sandy

We came through Sandy unscathed--just one tree down in the woods--but lots of people are without power, and the coast got pretty hard hit.   I know there are lots of folks in dire straights, with much more to think about than entering giveaways (and of course my thoughts are withe everyone badly affected), but just in case there are a few more would-be winners, I'm extending both my on-going giveaways till midnight on Friday.

So, leave a comment here to win a copy of Mira's Diary: Lost in Paris (great for your middle grade girl reader), or enter here to win a bundle of elementary/middle grade fun from Penguin (and now I myself am off to enter to win that very bundle at the other participating blogs! and to fix the formatting that Blogger decided to play with on my Penguin giveaway post...)

And now we must carve our pumpkins.  And I must help my son put together his costume--he wants to be an Internet Troll.  I find this a difficult cotume concept....


  1. There's internet trolls pictured in one of the Marvel Adventures Captain America comics. It's when he first comes back and Hydra takes them into the internet. They look sort of like The Mindless Ones from Dr. Strange - kind of like a cross between cyclops and mummies.


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