I just found out this was a Bloggiesta weekend! For those of you who don't know what this means, Bloggiesta is a time of community blog improving/fixing/polishing, with mini-challenges hosted by a variety of blogs.  It's both fun and useful, and what is better than that.

I have been waiting for Bloggiesta to give me the impetus to finally take on a huge task--indexing my reviews, by title and by author.   I am very curious to see how many there are!  And as I read through my old stuff, I'm going to make sure to fix all the typos and other messy stuff that I'm sure is there, and I'm going to make sure that my post labeling is consistent.

And that, I think, will be enough for me!

Edited to add:  after ten minutes, I have read through 6 posts and indexed two of them.  I have written 2,135 posts.  This could take a long time.  Especially since I have to go to work now.....


  1. That is a fantastic goal! I look forward to following your progress!

    Have tons of fun! I hope you find lots of gems you had forgotten about.

  2. Good idea to pick just one large project to tackle! Good luck!

  3. Love the idea of the Bloggiesta challenges. Maybe next time I'll think about participating. I'm still learning the ropes of blogging.

    1. Let me know when your blog is up and running (I just checked your profile, and didn't see one).

      Bloggiesta is an excellent help for blogging improvement, especially for folks getting started; you can find the challenges from previous ones as well, which cover a lot of the basics.

    2. And also feel free to get in touch if you have questions I might be able to help with!

  4. That's great Charlotte! So much better than my ever so long list LOL

    My Bloggiesta Goals

    Have a great Bloggigesta weekend!

  5. What a great goal: checking for typos! You know, you should try to get a blogging partner who will do that for you as you publish your posts. Maybe you can do that for your blogging partner, too!

    Here is my Bloggiesta To Do List!

  6. That is a daunting goal but you can make it. :)


  7. Ugh, post labeling ;) That's something that I'm awful about! Good luck with your list and have a fun and productive weekend!

  8. Yikes - good luck with making the master list! On the plus side, when I finished mine I was amazed at how many books I had reviewed, so I bet you will be pleasantly surprised when you are done! I hope you check out my Bloggiesta To Do List or join my mini-challenge about getting involved!

  9. Hope you are making lots of progress...such a daunting task! Last Bloggiesta, I created a review archive and thought that was a big task.

    Here's my Bloggiesta to-do list.

  10. That is an awesome goal and I hope you achieve it! Or at the very least, make good headway. I know what a project it is to index your reviews!

    Here is my Bloggiesta To-Do List.


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