Today I am going off to Springfield, MA, for the Society of Childrens' Book Writers and Illustrators conference.  My sister-in-law from England, Anna Adeney, who's published forty odd books for children, is coming with me, which is a nice bonus.  

I helped her work on her website yesterday.  I helped her accidentally delete a large chunk of it.  I felt very, very, sad.  So did she.  Sigh.

But regardless, off we go, and when I will come home I will catch up on all my reading and reviewing and get the garden completely into shape and catch up at work and do a little light home renovation (many people seem to like bathroom doors, and Anna brought the last roll of dining room wallpaper we needed with her from England, which saved us some money) and possibly, I hope, I really mean to, write my book.

More anon.


  1. Have an awesome time. I've heard such great things about the conference. So cool you're going with your sister. And glad you're thinking of writing. Hope you do.

  2. Oh, no! Hope the site was repairable. Yikes.
    Well, have fun - also with the house remodeling and whatnot. I'm sure you'll whip it all into shape over the weekend.

  3. I have to do lists like that! I count it as significant if I cross one or two things off each weekend. However, the piles of books are a perpetual and usually welcome distraction.


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