The Cybils winners have been announced!

And the winner in Elementary/Middle Grade Spec. fic. is:

The Screaming Staircase, by Jonathan Stroud!   YAY!  I think it's an especially good winner, because it cuts right across any issues of boy vs girl book and is just a great book in general.

Here's the full list.

Thank you, EMG SF panelists--you all did a great job!  And it's never to soon to start thinking about next year--look for the call for 2014 panelists sometime in August......


  1. I really did love this one, but mainly for all the tea and biscuits! a great choice!

  2. What a perfect pick, loved it!

  3. Screaming Staircase does deserve the recognition. As you said, it definitely cuts through the boy girl divide and on the whole is a great work of MG fiction. Waiting eagerly for its next installment


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