My pile of wonderfully diverse books for the 48 Hour Book Challenge (that starts tomorrow!)

 The 48 Hour Book Challenge starts tomorrow!  The theme this year is Diverse Books!

And I now return to the computer after grazing through my tbr shelves, and neatly empiling the results.  

I guess I had a few diverse books on hand. 

Some I've read already, but never reviewed, and because I'd like to have them in my list of diverse science fiction and fantasy reviews, I'm hoping to read them again.  Silver Phoenix, I am looking at you in particular--I read you when you first came out, and the blogging world seemed saturated with reviews....and darn it, I will review you this weekend if it is the last thing I do! (nervous realization that sequel to Silver Phoenix, which also needs to be read again and reviewed, is not on the pile, and I am now wondering how many books have escaped the shelf areas and are breeding in the corners).

As well as the Read but Not Reviewed books, many of these books on the pile are ones I bought brand new with my very own money years and years ago and NEVER READ.  I hate that.   I will read them this weekend.

And some are books that came my way through various gentle paths of publishers, library book sales, giveaways....I want to read them all. 

So there is my pile.  Wish me luck!

(Just in case anyone is wondering-- the artwork to the left of the pile is an eighth grade art project--it has a joystick head, and is holding a gaming thingy.  The copper thing on the right is a French match holder from the 1940s.  The wood stove is Danish.   The agricultural implement decoration is from Rhode Island. The small child chair is American; we still fit in it even though we are a bit larger than we were when we bought it.  The paint is not as orange as it looks.)


  1. Oooh! I have a huge pile and am looking forward to this weekend! Just need to get a little more organized.

  2. My pile is not as huge. I tried to make it as diverse as I could but I've only been in my house a week and got a new library card Wednesday. I'm somewhat limited. Still looking forward to the weekend though!!!

  3. Wow! Amazing pile. Looking forward to seeing how much you get through this weekend.

  4. Hahaha, that is a marvelous pile. A monumental one!


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