Waiting on Wednesday--The Sisters Mederos

I was just reminded the other day of  Waiting on Wednesday, a meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine.  Jill doesn't seem to be blogging any more, but it is a darn good meme, and so I will pick it up again!

My pick is The Sisters Mederos, by Patrice Sarath.

A pleasing sort of Georgette Heyer meet Scarlet Pimpernel vibe to the cover....

Here is the blurb from Goodreads, with my thoughts in red.

Two sisters ("sisters" always catches my eye; being a sister is a corner stone of my own identity) fight with manners (I'm reading "manners" as wit, intelligence, and snark, so yes), magic (always good), and mayhem (mayhem works less well for me.  I don't like beautiful things to be broken, which often happens during mayhems) to reclaim their family's name, in this captivating historical fantasy (always good) adventure. 

House Mederos was once the wealthiest merchant family (merchant families are some of the most interesting to read about, I think).  in Port Saint Frey. Now the family is disgraced, impoverished, and humbled by the powerful Merchants Guild. Daughters Yvienne and Tesara Mederos are determined to uncover who was behind their family's downfall and get revenge. But Tesara has a secret - could it have been her wild magic that caused the storm that destroyed the family's merchant fleet? (I want to know more about her wild magic now)  The sisters' schemes quickly get out of hand - gambling is one thing (and not my favorite thing to read about), but robbing people is another...

Together the sisters must trust each another to keep their secrets and save their family.

April 3rd 2018 by Angry Robot

what are you waiting for?

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