libary book sale time

It is library book sale time at my library, and since many of the other friends of the library are a. unable to come help set up b. unable to lift heavy things by the time the sale is set up I will have picked up around 4000 books two times each (give or take). Mostly not very appealing books at that. However, the point of the book sale is to get more money to buy appealing books, many of which were recommended on other blogs, so it is all worthwhile in the end (?).

At one support group meeting from Friends organizations, one FOL president said that they didn't buy books, because that was the responsibility of the library. I thought this was strange. Our library has so much ground to catch up in j. and ya fiction that it needs all the help it can get (they seem to have stopped buying more than an utter minimum around 1970). The Librarians are busily purging (Over the Alps with Hannibal bit the dust yesterday), and we are all busily buying, and soon, I hope, more and more children will be leaving the library with fiction, and not just school report books. Our librarian is being careful not to throw books of value out, and anyway, they all come to me in the end for the book sale. The books that I like best, however, I checked out before I became a Friend of the Library, thus ensuring that they'll stay on the library's shelves and not make it to mine just yet.


  1. I hope you'll post a summary of the Read to Me mission and link up by Friday!


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