Link to Megan Whalen Turner interview

The sci fi channel has an interview with Megan Whalen Turner up here, talking about one of my most favorite books ever, The King of Attolia. It's one of the nominees for the Andre Norton YA Sci fi and fantasy award. I am still not entirely sure why I love this book so much, but it was one of only a few books I read as an adult that I started re-reading within a week, and a few weeks after for a total of 3 times in one month. Which, when you realize what a hard time I have finding time to do my other reading (there are still bills I haven't opened that came a few weeks ago), is remarkable.
Also nominated is Life as We Knew It, which truly has a brilliantly believable catastrophe. But I still think the author should have moved to Maine for a winter in an unheated house before writing it, so as to make the survival aspects of it all more realistic.

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