My first meme

I've been tagged with my very first meme by Kelly at Big A, Little A-- I have to name five non kidlit blogs I read. This is a bit of a problem, because the only one I've ever looked at on purpose, as opposed to following random links, is Shrinking Violet Promotions, a marketing site for introverts.

I only recently discovered the kid lit blogs. I lurk at Sounis, the discussion group for Megan Whalen Turner's books, because I loved the King of Attolia so much I had to have company, and that led me to Fuse # 8, and then on and on to other blogs, until finally I wanted to join the party too. And although I still feel like a new kid at school, the older kids have been very friendly. There is much less wondering if l will have to eat lunch alone feel to the whole thing than I had thought there might be. I also happily have met an old friend from college again through my blog--she commented not knowing it was me-- which is an added bonus!

But anyway, I'm sorry I can't fulfill my meme obligation! Nor do I know enough bloggers well enough to pass it on...What happens to me now????

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  1. This is a very sweet post. I am glad to hear about the blogs you mentioned. Don't worry, if you get as obsessed with blogs as some of us in a week or so you will have a long list! :)


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