A new book by Michelle Magorian is on its way!

I just found out that Just Henry, a new book by one of my favorite authors, English writer Michelle Magorian, is going to be released in 2008! I don't really know how well known she is over here--for the most part, I bought her books while visiting family in England before they were released over here. But I imagine that Goodnight, Mr. Tom is pretty well known??? Fortunately for me, one book that I read the American edition of first was Not a Swan (English title A Little Love Song -- much ickyer).

The American edition is a most excellent book about a girl coming of age in WWII England, featuring a used book store. In this edition, three sisters must fend for themselves when their mother goes overseas to entertain the troops. In the English edition, the plot is the same, but there are only two sisters, and the book is much weaker in consequence. It's the most major change from English book to American I've ever come across.

But anyway. Here is Michelle Magorian's website.

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