The reading out loud challenge

Last month, I signed up to take part in a Reading Out Loud Challenge, organized by Jennifer at her blog, Snapshot. The idea of the challenge was to set specific goals that would spur us all on. My first goal was to begin reading chapter books to my now almost four year old boy, with the specific hope of introducing him to my favorite book of Greek mythology (D'Aulaire's book of Greek Mythology--it has supurb illustrations that are based on real works of classical and rennaisance art, leading to shocks of recognigtion in college art history class). My second goal was to continue pushing my 6 year old son up the hill to independent reading while making time to read him the books he really wants to be reading--generally, non-fiction.

I like goals, because I enjoy daydreaming about meeting them. It is a very hopeful feeling, but sadly, reality happens. I might have met these goals if we had a third grownup around the house, to do the dishes and laundry, cook supper, etc. But one parent had to do those things, while the other had the two boys to read to, so the one-on-one time for reading complicated non-fiction didn't happen (except a little bit at bedtime). Instead, I fell back on non-fiction books they could both enjoy. My three year old does not want to read chapter books yet, and isn't interested in Greek mythology, and the moral of that story is that even though I was, and his brother was, he isn't and that's fine. However, we did read more wordy books than we have been (Winnie the Pooh, some of the longer Beatrix Potter's, etc.).

So the upshot of it was--I thought a lot more about reading aloud, I felt somewhat guiltier about not reading aloud more, and I think I did read more to them...and I really must find more time to "study" with my six year old, which he wants to do so badly.

Actually, the last few days what he has really wanted were craft books. So I have been reading aloud to him gems such as "Toy boats and cars you can make at home." Scintillating.

Finally, thanks Jennifer for organizing the challenge!

(This really is the best book of Greek mythology ever)

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  1. Oh, don't feel guilty. I think that you did just fine. I agree with you about having a third adult in the house. The few times I have (when I've had a friend visiting or my sister in law or something) it makes me really appreciate the whole commune mentality.


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