New books coming!

Robin McKinley has a new book coming out this September! Hooray! The only thing dampening my enthusiasm is that it is not a Damar book, but still, I'm happy to take what I can get. There is a nice description of it at her website http://www.robinmckinley.com/ (someday I will find out how to do those cunning little links that everyone else seems to have mastered...)
On a related note, Shannon Hale has just posted the tentative title of the fourth book in her Bayern series (Goose Girl et al.); here's the link to that: http://oinks.squeetus.com/2007/03/mild_spoiling.html
It is always a relief to know that more books are coming down the pipeline. Since I began reading the kidlit blogs, and buying the books recommended therein for my local library, I have felt a little safer, but the fear of not having anything to read is always in the background of my mind (even though I am a voracious re-reader as well).

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