Demon Christmas Mug--the things I do for the library

We had a very nice Easter. It would have been better, however, if a Christmas mug hadn't started playing "Jingle Bells" whenever someone walked into the kitchen. Apart from blatant seasonal inappropriateness, holiday mugs aren't good at making music, and this one is no exception. As one boy said, "We can't live like this."

The mug is one of several bought for next December's library fundraiser, tossed neatly with other mugs and ornaments etc etc in a new home 7 feet up on the topmost shelf of the new kitchen cupboard. I fetched the ladder, and asked my children to jump up and down so that I could hear the mug singing. Sadly, the weight of the ladder is enough (even without me on it) to stabilize the cupboard--the mug did not sing and I could not find it. So for now we are simply leaving the ladder there, perhaps until next Christmas.

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