Penelope Farmer -- new book on line

If anyone out there is looking for a most excellent time slip story, read Charlotte Sometimes, by Penelope Farmer, if you haven't already.

SPOILERS! Charlotte wakes up her first morning at boarding school to find that she has slipped back forty years in time, and has taken the place of another girl named Claire. At first, Charlotte and Clare swap places for a day at a time, communicating via a hidden diary (their tribulations are well described--Clare, for instance, is a much better piano player, so poor Charlotte has to spend hours practicing furiously). But then Charlotte finds herself trapped in the past...I have a special fondness for this book, as Clare's little sister, who becomes like a sister to Charlotte as well, is named Emily, just like my little sister.

But the point of this post is that I just discovered that Penelope Farmer has a blog, and on that blog she has a link to a book she has written online! How much work will I get done today????

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  1. I can't get over Penelope Farmer having a blog; Charlotte Sometimes seems so timeless that somehow I can't picture its author in the same universe with blogs. Just goes to show you how narrow-minded one can be despite best efforts...


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