Audio Picture Books-- help wanted

The children's librarian at my library has asked us Friends to buy some audio picture books--apparently, patrons have been asking for them, comparing us unfavourably with our neighbouring libraries. I myself wonder what the point of a picture book is without the pictures (think how much cheaper they would be to publish, though...). But anyway. The catalogue she showed us has them for about $29 a cd. This seems like a lot. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for a. particular titles that give a lot of bang for the buck and that fly off the shelves b. a place to get them cheaply.


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  1. Are you sure the patrons don't want picture-book-and-tape or book-and-CD sets? The kind that beep at you when you're supposed to turn the page? These are a very nice thing for beginning readers, or kids who don't read yet. I got a whole bunch from the Scholastic Instructional Materials Catalog with book fair credit a few years ago.


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