48 hour reading challenge coming up

In less than 48 hours, I will have plunged into the 2nd Annual 48 Hour Reading Challenge brought to us by Mother Reader. I have a stack of 11 books ready, I am planning on going to the library tonight to get 10 more, and I am considering using this opportunity to start a Harry Potter re-read (but in the same vein as considering whether it's time for a trip to the dentist--the one's I like I've read so often I know them, the others I don't like).

The only thing that's worrying me is access to a computer on Sunday--if I drive to library that's open on Sunday or to work, that will be 30 minutes less reading time. I am going to try to get the house clean and the entire garden weeded watered planted and the winter's wood supply chopped tonight so that I will not feel pressured to do these things instead of reading. Annoyingly, I have to give a talk tomorrow morning on underwater archaeology, but I will bring a book in case it starts late.

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