Hilary McKay- Forever Rose! plus book shopping

Forever Rose, the fifth and apparently last book in Hilary McKay's series about the Casson family, will be released in the UK on September 20, and in Canada November 1. But sadly, not until next spring here in the US. There's a great interview with McKay up at Bookshelves of Doom.

I especially liked the list of the books she'd enjoyed as a child, because it was almost exactly what I would pick myself. It reminds me of the bit in Henrietta's House, aka The Blue Hills, by Elizabeth Goudge (1942) where Henrietta is taken to a book store and told to pick the books that every girl should own their own copy of, money being no object. She finds herself the owner of the books in the end, but it is the picking out, not the having, that always appealed to me most. That's why I'm president of the FOL--it gives purpose and pleasure to second hand book shopping. I almost never find anything I want for myself anymore (there are few early to mid 20th-century English school stories available here in New England), so it is nice to have a reason to buy books.

Back to Hilary McKay--I have very much enjoyed buying McKay's books for my library. In fact, we were possibly the first library in the US to have Permanet Rose, because I went to England to buy it.

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