A large piece of yesterday's Hilary McKay post got lost...

Annoyingly, a piece of the post I wrote yesterday about Hilary Mckay got lost, which is why things were muddled toward the end. So here it is:

Warning: Don't buy the slim paperback Rose's Flying Feeling, published in 2005 for World Book Day. I did, in bulk so as to get it cheaply, thinking that I could easily dispose of the extra copies to friends and on ebay. I was crushed when I opened it and found it was simply the beginning of Caddy Ever After. And once I knew that, I couldn't in conscience sell it on Ebay without saying that, so the whole thing was a fiasco and if anyone wants a copy at cost ($1.00) or 17 of them for a book discussion group or something, let me know...


  1. Charlotte-

    Sounds like you're piled knee high in books, not to mention the fact that you live down the block from the library!

    Ever consider a book rental club? I took the leap to
    BookSwim and so far I'm very pleased.

    I am recently divorced and the boys and I moved a few towns away...to a two room apartment! I work full time, and I barely have a spare moment to myself. Forget about getting to the library. (My old town's was better anyway)

    Furthermore, since it is a rental club BookSwim helped me solve my storage issues. I'm really saving a ton of money; reading your blog, I thought you of all people might like to know about it!

    Happy reading!
    -Dorothy Lang

  2. Thank you so much for posting this information!! I recently read Saffy's Angel and wanted to get all the Casson family books but could find absolutely no info on Rose's Flying Feeling until I came across your blog entry. I was ready to buy a used copy from Amazon & couldn't figure out why they were going for 1¢.

    I really appreciate the heads-up.

  3. Do you still have copies available?

  4. Copies are indeed still available! $1 plus postage! Send an email to charlotteslibrary.gmail.com if you are interested.


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