Reading YA and (oh the shame of it) J books as an adult

I was recently interviewed by my town's newspaper for an article about the Friends of the Library. As I had expected, I was asked what I myself read, and even though I am Not Ashamed of reading below my age, it still made me squirm a bit to confess (as if it were a guilty secret) that I get my books out of the children's and ya sections. I am not, however, alone--witness this recent article in the Chicago Tribune. There's also an interesting discussion about this going on at a blog I just found -- Dear Author. (There are also a lot of Sharon Shinn posts, including a lengthy interview that I hope to go back and find the time to read. I am very fond of Sharon Shinn's trilogy that began with Safe Keeper's Secret--I bought them for the library and no one has read them! Wah!)

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