Mythopoeic Awards

The winners of the Mythopoeic Awards have been announced, and I was pleased Patricia McKillip's most recent novel, Solstice Wood, won the award for adult literature. This is not because I think S.W. is so stunningly great, although I liked it just fine, but because I have been vaguely worrying that maybe her fantasy books aren't selling all that well and the chances for getting a new book in her Cygnet series are getting slimmer. Not that I have any clue how her books are selling, but I do so want a new Cygnet book.

This is Mckillip's third win - the others were Something Rich and Strange and Ombria in Shadow . She has made the final list for Best Novel a staggering eleven times.

I have never heard of the winner of the award for children's literature -- Catherine Fisher's Corbenic (Greenwillow), because I wasn't reading blogs when it was published. Here's one of the blog reactions from back then: Gail Gauthier's, at Original Content. It looks most excellent.


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