The Cooley's Anemia Foundation Storybook

I have a book to pass on, if anyone wants it. It's a collection of fairy tales by Craig Butler, illustrated by Tess Elliott, designed specifically for children with the genetic blood disorder Cooley's anemia (aka thalassemia). Some of the stories are engaging, some pedestrian, and there are moments of great honesty, like this poem, Doctor Day:

I have to go to the doctor today
Even though the sun is shining
And I'd much rather play.
Please don't say I'm whining
Or acting "that way."
I know I must go to the doctor today.
But that doesn't mean I like it - okay?

The book, says the author in his letter that accompanied the book, "was written to help impart important lessons..." and as a result there is more than a touch of pedantic-ness to them. I dunno about the premise--I was never a sick child, but I think I would have chosen Escapism rather than Lessons. Still, perhaps for the parent of a sick child it is comforting to think that you are reading words to your child that will help.

This book was self-published in 2007 by the Cooley's Anemia Foundation. If anyone wants this copy, let me know.

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