Once harmless pictures for children, now Bird of the Devil

In the 1970s, many of us British-educated types enjoyed the Ladybird series of non-fiction books, and in fact found them strangely compelling (I, for instance, still have my Ladybird Life of Nelson, which I read repeatedly as a child despite having little interest in a. Nelson b. Naval Warfare c. the early 19th century). I find even more strangely compelling the Ladybird inspired work of a modern artist, Edward Summerton, who has taken birds of prey pictures from the original books, and Paganized them, turning them into Demon Birds!

From this type of bird illustration:

to this:

The demonic bird on the right is called "Tree Creepy." Not something I would put up on the wall of my kid's room, perhaps, but charming in its own demonic way. The series of pictures has been published (in Denmark) as: "Bird [sic] of the Devil."
Here's the full article.

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