Skating Penguin

Here is "Skating Penguin," by illustrator Rose Mary Berlin. This is her first snowflake for Robert's Snow--an auction of original snowflake art by children's book illustrators to raise money for cancer research.

Rose Mary Berlin has illustrated more than thirty charming books, including this one about two cute little horses--the eponymous Itty and Bitty. She has been braving the world of horse shows to reach her audience for this one--the kids who are so busy with their horses that they might not have time to go to the bookstore! Rose Mary Berlin is venturing into licensing, and will be an exhibitor at the Surface and Textile Design Show in NYC in May (I definitly think that RMB's penguins would make cute pajamas!), and she will have a line of cards coming out with Legacy Publishing, which should be available online soon at www.shoplegacy.com.

We who blog about children's books have been organdized, as Pooh would say--we are featuring many of this years snowflakes at our various blogs in the coming weeks (this is week 2). Check out the links in the sidebar this weeks presentations. And head on over to the Robert's Snow auction site, look at all the lovely snowflakes, and bid bid bid!

Thank you, Rose Mary Berlin and all the illustrators who have donated their time to creating lovely snowflakes! And thanks to Jules of Seven Impossible Things for her wonderful idea and the effort she put into bringing this Blog Tour of Snowflakes together!


  1. Charlotte, thanks so much. That penguin is puddin' cute, I must say. Thanks for participating and for linking to all the schedules and such. I'm gonna go add your perma-link right now! Woot!

  2. How totally precious. I love the little penguin. Hope it does well at auction.

  3. Too cute! I love it.

  4. You've got a skating penguin and I've got a skating dog! It's a great day for snowflakes!

  5. It's always so cool when the back of the snowflake is as cute as the front! I love the detail of the snowflakes!

  6. Oh, this is too sweet! Thanks for highlighting this snowflake.

  7. Thanks for introducing me to a new illustrator! (New to me!)

  8. Such a fresh, delightful image! You know I love your work, Rose;
    hope it brings in a bundle!


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