Owly #4 -- A Time To Be Brave

A Time To Be Brave, the fourth book in Andy Runton's Owly series has just been released! It is just as wonderfully emotionally manipulative (in a good way) as the previous books, as one can see from the cover. Although this is not actually a grave, as I thought at first, but merely a broken tree. But as one who has wept over beloved plants, it is still a wrenching image.

In this book, Owly and Wormy and the gang make a new friend, a possum (I call him "Possumy"), the wonderful lessons from the first Owly book are brought back--don't judge a book by its cover/things you think are fierce can be friends/owls (and possums, in this case), have feelings too/it's ok to cry. Plenty of tears are shed, plenty of courage must be found, and in the end (spoiler) possum is a New Friend.

I love Owly and Wormy, especially the first book. But this new one is my second favorite. And only in part because it is printed on 100% recycled paper!
(how great is that!)

Any Owly fan should visit the Owly Store, where one can buy, among other things, original Owly artwork and Owly and Wormy hats, each hand made by Andy Runton's mom. What a cool mom.

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