AUV Fest 08 drawing to a close...

I haven't been posting for these past days. Instead, I've been in Newport, wearing my Underwater Archaeologist hat, and having the socks knocked off me by the really cool autonomous underwater vehicles the Naval Research Center and NOAA have been testing. These robotic, free-swimming machines are, as a bonus to the tax payers, being tested on archaeological sites as well as looking for hidden underwater mines. To reiterate, they're really cool machines producing really cool information about our shipwrecks--it would probably make a good children's book (to drag this post on topic).

Anyway, today is media day, tomorrow is distinguished visitor day (which presents the same old fashion problem I've had for years--conveying out-doorsy Ocean Explorer while looking crisp and professional).

So I'll be back, d.v., posting about books on Friday.

In the meantime, here's the NOAA website that tells more about AUVFest 08.


  1. As someone who grew up on the JASON Project (or something like that) and went through periodic wanting-to-be-an-archaeologist phases, I love hearing about this stuff. Thanks for the update!

  2. You're most welcome, and thanks for commenting!


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