My life as an archaeologist

When I tell people I'm an archaeologist, a common reaction is, "That's so exciting!" Sometimes it is, mostly it isn't.

But now I have reached the pinnacle of career related fame and honor. The invitation came in the mail yesterday. I seem to have been the only person at work invited.

On June 20, I have the opportunity to be at A NEW U-HAUL TRUCK UNVEILING!

They are putting a picture of the Newport Tower on some U-hauls, and seem to feel that having an archaeologist at the unveiling party would be a nice touch. But I think I'll pass--I don't want to drive 35 miles each way for what is almost certain to be an anticlimax (there were no free snacks mentioned in the invitation).

This is the tower: It actually should look rather nice on a U-haul...


  1. Ok, that's just hilarious, Charlotte.

  2. Wait, I think I read about that tower in Who Was First? We'll have to go look at it when we're in RI this summer.


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