Why I didn't get many books read this weekend

A while ago, we demolished an old shed and built a tori (the Japanese gate at the front of the disaster area below that is unfortunately not all the way in the picture but will be once it is all done). This summer, we built the pergola part. And now, we are transforming the rock and weed strewn place where the shed and its foundation were into a pleasant place to sit.

Saturday morning:

On Saturday we bashed away the large piece of concrete under the tori and hauled it off into the woods. We began moving rocks. Very large rocks.

Sunday morning:

On Sunday we moved rocks around some more, got rid of all the weeds, and began putting the bricks in.

Monday morning:

And here we are. At least it looks now as someone is trying to do something about it! And I'm sure it will all be done by our party next weekend. If we can find more bricks somewhere in the Deep Woods that lie beyond our woods. At a dollar a brick, I'm not buying them. Or we could ask every guest to bring a brick with them, and we can write their name on it with a felt tip, creating one of those memorial brick surfaces that you see so often these days.

The little white building that is off to the right is our outhouse. It is a three holer, hanging over the edge of a stone wall, for easy cleanup.


  1. What a fabulous project! It is going to be wonderful when you get it finished. I wish I could come over and bring a brick! Thanks for joining the tour.

  2. Just found your blog and I love that your boys are a few years older than mine -- I'll need to keep an eye on what you are reading!

    The garden looks like a huge project but I bet it will be fantastic! Have a great party!

  3. Hi Cloudscome,

    You and the lads are welcome any time, with or without bricks!

    Thanks for stopping by, Karen--it's funny, but more people blogging in the kidslitosphere seem to have boys than girls! So there are lots of great boy recommendations out there.


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