I have so many, but I want more, more, more...

(Ali has invited people to share their holiday book wish lists, so here's mine).

A little while ago, my sister asked a little wistfully (or possibly just curiously), "Now that you are reading so many books that have just been published, do you still care about the old books?" Because my sister and I have for years been peacefully reading old and out-of-print girls books, mainly English, and it is true that blogging has brought me into a different sort of book world. I enjoy being part of the excitement of ARCs and new releases, but I do think from time to time of giving more of my blogging to the books that live on the shelves of my bedroom--the old and the beloved (new books that I feel friendly toward but don't quite love live in downstairs book shelves). My wish list for Christmas reflects that book side of my character, although I always put some new ones on so as to give people easily found and affordable choices (and of course to support the publishing industry). I don't have time to explain who all these authors are, but if you recognize any of the more obscure ones, and are a fan yourself, do say hi!

Miscellaneous out-of-print English books (sorry publishing industry, I know this isn't really going to help you much):

Monica Redlich Jam Tomorrow
William Mayne Words and Music (although I don’t actually expect anyone to get this for me, seeing as it’s about $700), Cradlefasts (sequel to Earthfasts)
Noel Streatfeild The Children on the Top Floor, The Bell Family.
Sutcliff, Rosemary The Armourer’s House (illustrated by C. Walter Hodges)
Stevenson, D.E. Spring Magic, Four Windows, hardcover of The Four Graces, hardcover of The Tall Stranger (and then my Stevenson collection is complete! However, this isn't going to happen. These have been on my wish list for about 8 years.)
Saville, Malcom All Summer Through, Christmas at Nettlefield, The Secret of Buzzard’s Scar
Ewing, Juliana Mary’s Meadow and Other Tales of Fields and Flowers
Elinor Lyon The Golden Shore

Some ballet books:

Jean Estroail Drina Ballerina (another one that sells for hundreds and hundreds of dollars, if there’s even a copy for sale which there mostly isn’t).
Nada Curcija-Prodanovic Ballerina
Robina Beckles-Wilson A Time To Dance

Two about Dunkirk (I love WW II childrens and YA fiction):

Philip Turner Dunkirk Summer
Jill Paton Walsh The Dolphin Crossing

Some recently published ones (which I really want, not just because I care about the publishing industry):

Phillipa Pearce A Finder’s Magic
Patricia McKillip The Bell at Sealy Head
Michelle Magorian Just Henry
Joan Aiken The Serial Garden

And in addition to these, several books published this year from Girls Gone By Publishers and Fidra Books.


  1. Some of the most fun of the OOP books is the search... *grin*

  2. What a lovely, meaningful gift a hard-to-find out-of-print book would be! Thanks for sharing your very well-rounded list. Maybe some book blogger will just happen to have one of those coveted books sitting around in their attic. :-) (Yes, I'm ever the optimist)

  3. Okay, I have Earthfasts and something else (what?) by William Mayne...in a box in my attic. To be fair, I just took the boxes (five copy paper boxes filled with childhood books rescued from my parents' attic this summer) up this morning, and they're pretty easily accessible up there. The Mayne books were discarded from my elementary school library, I think (or maybe the librarian just wanted me to have them?).

    I'm also partial to WWII children's fiction. I'm still missing one of those copy paper boxes, and I think it has my copy of When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit in it.

    I have to track down some of the others on your list!

  4. Congratulations on your book rescue, Anamaria! I am certain that the librarian just liked you best!

  5. Although I'm a girls gone by fan and know some of the authors on your list, others are new to me - fortunately my library system here has a great catalogue of old books (possibly one of the highlights of my move to England) so I'll go check them out!

  6. Gosh, another Girls Gone By Fan! If you like English school girl stories, are you aware that there is a google group for like minded people? It's girlsown@googlegroups.com.

    We go to England fairly often, to see family, and somehow manage to come home with lots of books every time...

  7. How funny, I am writing a post about my most-wanted book, and was doing a google search to see if I could find anything more about it - Words and Music by William Mayne - and there you were, posting about it. I wonder if you and I are both, on opposite sides of the Atlantic, gazing enviously at the same copy and wishing we could afford it? I read the first three when I was young, but I've never seen the fourth.

    I'm trying to blog occasionally about some of the older books on my shelves, much-loved but not so well-known now. I listed 101 children's books, 1840-1975, on my blog, and I'd like eventually to write about all of them.

  8. Yes, we are! How funny! And the chances of anything of Mayne's being republished are so slim, given his nasty past, that I guess we will just have to win the lottery...

  9. I know some people from the Diana Wynne Jones mailing list are on the Girls Own list but have never got around to joining. Perhaps if I become better at keeping up my blog I will venture into subscribing :)

  10. Oooh. I loved A Time to Dance. I have a secret fetish for dance books, have since I was a kid. I've got to find a copy and see if it lives up to my memories of it!

    Thanks for the reminder!

  11. I have this problem too. No matter how many books I get, I always want more.

  12. Used book stores need our support too! This is a great list!
    Janet from the PaperTigers Blog

  13. Hi Carrie--I hope it's good! I've never read it myself, but heard about it ages ago and thought it sounded nice.

    Hi Alyssa--and then the problem is finding places to put them!

    Hi Janet--you are right, of course! And probably putting money in the pockets of book dealers means that they will go out and support publishers by buying new books.


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