mice thoughts, for poetry friday

We live in an old house with porous borders, and have an inadequate cat. So as the weather has gotten colder, the number of mice with whom we share our house has grown. We recently Took Steps, and bought a humane trap, which is working. Now our lives are even more full and rewarding, as we drive car-loads of mice around looking for places far away where we can dump them (late one night, the police followed my husband as he turned into an abandoned parking lot, and demanded to know what sinister errand had brought him there..."Oh, just disposing of mice, Officer!")

And so I have been thinking of this most famous of mouse poems, by Robert Burns (coupled awkwardly, thanks to stupid old blogger, with my own thoughts)

The Poetry Friday Round Up is at Mommy's Favorite Children's Books.


  1. You should read these aloud near the trap and see how many come running to listen! :0)

  2. Here's a little cheese to help you along. What about all the Irish mice?

  3. Are there any Irish mice in literature???

  4. Wow. What did the officer say? He must have gotten a kick out of your husband's reply, probably one of the most unusual he'd heard in a long time.

  5. This sounds awfully familiar! I started out by not taking them far enough away and I swear that one dark and blustery night the mouse beat me back into the house (NB how to tell whether you are always catching the same mouse - weigh them with postal scales).


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