Our list is done

So I've been proud to have been (with a sigh for the past tense) a member of the nominating committee for the Cybils in Sci Fi/Fantasy. There were so many great books that it was a pretty impossible task to pick just five for each of the two age groups. I hope our list pleases--we think there are great books on it! It has been a joy to work with my fellow panelists--thank you all, and thank you, Tasha, for being our organizer.

And it was a joy to read the books that were nominated (here is the list). My final total is 124 of the 161. Of the ones I didn't read, some were unobtainable, some were the second, or third, or fourth book in a series I hadn't read all of, and some I just plain didn't get to. Not every publisher, or writer of a self-published book, was able to send everyone a book, but to those who did--thank you so much! I have already written recommendations of books I wouldn't have necessarily have read otherwise, and I plan to write many more reviews, now that I don't have a Reading Deadline.

The very great pleasure I got from my reading these past few months has made me realize that this is the genre that I love the most. So in the coming months I've resolved to keep my focus on sci. fi/fantasy for MG and YA readers, finishing up reading and reviewing the many books I have on hand, and seeking out new ones. And high on my list of books to seek out is Blackbringer, by my fellow panelist Laini Taylor (hi Laini!)....

Our list will be up tomorrow at the Cybils site, I think. Let me know which one you think should win!


  1. Congrats on finishing up the list and on reading so many books. I'm totally in awe of the number of books you've read! I can't wait to see what books made the shortlist! Not long now...

  2. Charlotte, you're a machine! Take a well-deserved rest and best wishes for a happy new year. Thanks so much for your hard work at Cybils.

    --Anne Levy, Cybils.com

  3. Hi Charlotte! Don't seek out Blackbringer just yet! I'll send it to you :-)

    This has been so much fun. Great to get to know you this way. And I am still blown away by your reading stats. Way to go! You smoked all the rest of us, and did more than your fair share of the work!

  4. Sheila and Anne, thank you both very much for your hard work!

    and Laini, gee! Thanks!

  5. I just bought a copy of Blackbringer! :) I really wanted to read it once I got to know Laini but there were so many Cybils books!

    Awesome job on all the books you read! I aspire to be like you next year if I get to participate again. :)

  6. Nice post...Thank you for sharing some good things!!


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