Is your blog an extrovert?

I am an INFP, and proud of it (as Myers and Briggs said of me, "Metaphors come easily, but may be forced). But my blog, I just learned through a link at Librarilly Blond, is an ESFP.

I guess we are two different people, my blog and I. It leaps to answer the phone when it rings, and seeks out parties, where it stays late with increasing energy...


  1. Funny! I'm an INFJ, and my blog is an ISFP, "The Artist."

  2. Which makes me want to meet you in person.

  3. Let me know if you ever doing an author signing in southern New England, Beth!

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  5. ...this worries me. Our blog is an "entertainer." Apparently your blog is at our blog's parties. Which explains a lot about the glitter I find on the keyboard in the mornings...


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