My wants list, or, why bother teaching handwriting

Jen Robinson has another of her lovely “reviews that made me want the book” posts up. Inspired by this, I am posting, just for the heck of it, my working wants list (this is different from my typed wants list, which I give to people who might be wanting to buy me presents, of whom there are, sadly, too few). It is a dynamic, living thing—you can see that what was once a nice place to doodle while on hold, down at the bottom of the page, is now a palimpsest of book want. Thanks, everyone, who reviewed or mentioned the books on the list! I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading them, just as soon as I’ve cleared out the backlog that resulted from last week's trigger-happy library book requesting.

This is one of those pictures that gets big when you click on it, if anyone actually wants to know what I want (although my birthday is not till January).

I really draw better than this! But stressful telephoning makes for less nice drawing. However, this is about as good as my writing gets.

My son's third grade teacher recently told us that our son should, for the moment, just learn to type, and they seem to have given up on cursive. I, myself, was taught beautiful handwriting, which is clear from the specimen above. At least I don't have to worry about anyone reading my high school diaries!


  1. Hee! You should see my sticky notes. And the white board. And the various phone pads... yeah.

    Jen's posts always make me wish I was either a millionaire or lived IN a library...

  2. I live next door to a library, just about, so getting books is not the problem. I just wish I had more time to read! What with feeding the chickens and chopping the firewood, not to mention picking up legos, life is flying by...

  3. Hey, I didn't know there was a new Scaredy Squirrel book coming out! My 5 year old will be happy.

  4. Thanks for making me feel like those posts are worthwhile, Charlotte and Tanita. My problem is definitely more time than money. The San Jose Library system lets you request books, and brings them to your local branch. I'm about 10 minutes away from the closest one, but it's still pretty reasonable... The true irony is that sometimes I figure out that the books that I'm including in those posts are books that are already on my shelves, that I just haven't gotten to. So why, you might ask, am I reading blog posts instead of reading books??

    Happy weekend!

  5. My wants list can be found scattered on various slips of paper all over the desk. One list would be much better. Love the drawings.


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