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For some time, I have been wanting a header that is pretty like other people's headers. Here is my first shot, lifted from a Hubble picture. I may be making further stabs at this (and most definitely tweaking the width of this one). I am rather fond the orange snail effect at the right, which was totally fortuitous.

Here's the original picture, N1808 in the Large Magellanic Cloud, from the HubbleSite Picture Album:

A long time can be spent looking at the HubbleSite Picture Album.


  1. Okay, can you please explain how you did this? I am SO illiterate, I cannot figure it out on my own. My Header always gets all misshapen and not at all as pretty as this.

  2. I spent a while in photoshop, messing with the proportions and brightness and rotating the original Hubble image and changing the font size. If you don't have photoshop, or a similar program, I don't think you can do much about misshapen-ness...

    And thanks for saying it is pretty! I am not used enough to it yet to be sure I like it.

  3. Well, I like it a lot! I think it truly fits your fantasy and science fiction theme. I hope I can figure out how to do this, too.

  4. ohhh! I Like! And I was JUST thinking that your boys MUST be 6 and 9 by now?....

    I totally see the snail!
    Still love reading your blog...


  5. Thanks, Christine and Karen! I'm going to futz with it again tomorrow, at the computer where I have photoshop, to make it fit better...

    And the boys are 6 and 8 now--I shall have to change my about me part to put that in.

  6. Hey dearie - I don't think you'll have issues, but I've been fighting Copyright Wars from lifting artwork off the web, so just make sure you saying something somewhere about the photo's origin (I think? I wouldn't imagine a Hubble pic requiring copyright, would it?)

  7. Thanks for that reminder, Aerin--I checked, and now I've put up the source, and emailed them the link, I'm good to go (I hope you've been able to put your snarls behind you!)

    and thanks, KT!

  8. That is just beautiful, and suits your site!

  9. Gorgeous photo! What a cool idea for your header.

  10. The header is lovely!

    I have hubble images on both my home PC and work PC right now to inspire me for my WIP (which involves spaceships)


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