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I have lost my most recent to be read list. I ran out of room on my previous one (here it is, the last time I scanned it, but more got added since):
and started a new one, tidy-like, with titles marching down the side of the page. Gone. So this morning I bravely started a new one, on the back of an envelope (First entry -- The Golden Age, by John Wright. Apparently very good sci fi). The envelope already had a picture of a rabbit, some things that look like lampshades, etc. and, curiously, a small note from myself: "Let's ask ourselves if this is something else." I didn't mean the bunny.

Probably it is something to do with the archaeology of place, about which I have been writing for the past few days. I give the envelope three days before I absentmindedly put it in the recycling bin. Here's another piece of paper from my desk, a 19th-century engraving (very romanticized) of the Native American fort I'm writing about.

But it doesn't matter, exactly, losing lists of books I might have loved, because I already have enough books to last for the several months of uninterrupted leisure that are not going to happen any time soon (my eight year old is now reading more every day than I am. This is not right, and obviously he needs more Chores). I have, however, begun to sort out an assemblage of books for Mother Reader's Annual 48 Hour Reading Challenge (for which I like to have about 25 books on hand, all of the light, tasty snack variety). It's coming up June 5-7, and is a lot of fun, with great prizes (although of course being a pious child I realize that it is the Love of Books and Friend etc etc that really matters.....perhaps). It would also be a prize in and of itself to move some of the books from my house to the library.

In other, more weighty, news, there's an online auction going on (of lovely things, bookish and otherwise) to raise funds to help a children's librarian and fellow blogger, Bridget Zinn.

And in other, non-weighty news, I got a blog award a little while ago, from Ashley at PikeAlicious Books, an award given to new blogs and blogging friends. Thanks Ashley!

So I am happy to pass it on to Kate, aka The Book Aunt, whose blog I have been meaning to put in my blog list for ages and I will go do that right now....


  1. Thank you so much for the award! And about your son turning 6--my mom once said to me, "I love my grown-up children, and I've glad you've all turned out well, but sometimes I miss my babies."

  2. P.S. I've posted the award on my site if you want to take a look at my description of your site and of the next recipient!

  3. Um, perhaps I inspire people to keep their desks tidier....

    And Kate, you are very welcome!

  4. Gorgeous list! I'm a little too OCD to keep my list on paper, but you did make me a little jealous with that photo. ;)


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