New science fiction/fantasy releases, May 1st edition

Another busy day today for science fiction and fantasy.

Arachnid: the Spider King (Beast Quest, No. 11), by Adam Blade. I've never read any Beast Quest books...perhaps when my eight-year old turns nine this summer, I'll get him book one.

Or perhaps this one:

Bella Balistica and the Forgotten Kingdom, Adam Guillain "A race for a map, a lost tomb, and tablets that could awake the forces of the gods take fiery spirit Bella Balistica on an exciting expedition to Turkey in this fast-paced, multicultural adventure." (It says May 1st at Amazon, but not yet available, so I dunno if this actually comes out today or not...). Sequel to Bella Balistica and the Temple of Tikal.

Beyond Corista (Shadowside Trilogy, The), by Robert Elmer.
"Oriannon, a very human-looking girl, has a very special gift: the ability to record what she sees and experiences like the hard drive of a computer." The third in a trilogy.

The Chronicles of Faerie: The Book of Dreams, by O.R. Melling "Dana Faolan, the spunky half-faerie heroine of The Light-Bearer’s Daughter, the third book in The Chronicles, has been using her access to the land of Faerie to escape the troubles of being a teenager in a new town. But a dark, mysterious enemy is determined to sever the two worlds forever, thus dooming both." Set in Canada, which adds interest, but there are several books that come before this one.

The Broken Thread, by Linda Smith. "Fifteen-year-old Alina comes from a long line of women who have gone to serve on the Isle of the Weavers, and she has always dreamed of doing the same." Based on the rest of the Amazon blurb, this one has gone on my list.

Cat Magic, by Holly Webb. "Lottie is happy to spend her time talking to the animals in the shop. Then one day, to her surprise, the animals start to talk back! Suddenly Lottie's summer is better than she could have dreamed - it's purr-fectly magical!"

The Dark Garden (Dark Man), by Peter Lancett "The Dark Garden" is part of an award-winning fiction series for young adults with a reading age as low as 5-7. Each book features Dark Man, a shadowy, brooding loner who has been recruited to play a part in a secret, cataclysmic struggle between good and evil.In "The Dark Garden", the Dark Man has been captured by the Shadow Masters. He hangs from a tree in a mysterious garden, his power drained. There is nothing he can do to break free. But in the moonlight, something moves. It is Claire. She has the power to turn moonlight into sunshine and bring the garden to life." Sounds intriguing. But what do they mean by that reading level bit? Fifth grader? Five year old?

Several books are coming out today in a series by Bill Myers called The Elijah Project, for 9-12 year olds.
On the Run (Elijah Project, The) Book 1. "Zach and his sister Piper are on the run, searching for their parents while protecting their little brother Elijah. Although he never speaks, there is something pure and supernatural about the boy that the powers of heaven want to protect and the powers of darkness want to destroy."
The Enemy Closes In (Book 2)
Trapped by Shadows (Book 3)
The Chamber of Lies (Book 4)

Crown Of Wizards (Secrets Of Droon Special Edition), by Tony Abbott. (9-12 year olds make out very well today). "Has Eric gone bad for good? The young wizard has joined forces with the villainous Moon Dragon, Gethwing, to seek out a magical artifact that will give them untold power." Never read any Droon books, no comment.

The Dark Planet (Atherton, Book 3), by Patrick Carman. I have heard very good things about this series, and intend, in my copious free time, to read them....

The Sisters Grimm: Book Seven: The Everafter War (Bk. 7), by Michael Buckley.

Magickeepers: The Eternal Hourglass, by Erica Kirov. For 9-12 year olds. "What would you do for an hourglass that stopped time?"

Guardian Of The Darkness (Moribito), by Nahoko Uehashi. Sequel to Gaurdian of the Spirit. "Balsa returns to her native Kanbal to clear the name of Jiguro, her dear mentor, who saved her life when she was six years old. But what should be a visit of truth and reconciliation becomes a fight for her life when she learns that Jiguro had been a member of King Rogsam's personal bodyguard. After Jiguro fled Kanbal with her, Rogsam sent the other bodyguards after them one by one--Jiguro's best friends, whom he had to kill to protect Balsa. Now, with the help of two Kanbalese children, Balsa must unwind the conspiracy surrounding Jiguro and the mystery of the Guardians of the Dark."

Memory's Gate (Time Thriller Trilogy), by Paul McCusker. The final episode of a YA trilogy.

Nightmare's Edge (Echoes from the Edge), by Bryan Davis. "Nathan Shepherd, in the company of his restored mother and two mysterious beings called supplicants, searches for his father in the land of dreams. With the collapse of the entire cosmos at hand, only his father holds the answers to what Nathan must do to save billions of lives."

The Princess Plot, by Kristen Boie. Perhaps not strictly speaking a fantasy, but close: "Jenna has just won the starring role in a film about a princess--sweet! In the wink of an eye, she's whisked off to a remote, romantic kingdom for the "shoot." But something's amiss: First, she finds out she bears an uncanny resemblance to the real princess, who has run away following the death of her father, the king. Then she learns that the conniving regent plans to use her to take control of the country, now being fought over by rebels. As the plot twists and turns, Jenna discovers just what she's made of--and just why she resembles the missing princess so much!"

Vamped, by Lucieene Diver. Vampire highschool fun!

The Demonata #8: Wolf Island, by Darren Shan.

Come back on May 4th for more!

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